in need of someone who is good at fixing computers please it’s an emergency

guys someone please help

in a fit of rage against my really fucking stupid and annoying slow laptop, i kind of hit the area to the left of the mouse thing…and then it froze (well it was already frozen, it just froze more0 and started to make beeping noises from the area where i hit it…and then i did ctrl+alt+delete and restarted it but when i tried to restart it a screen came up about the ram or something not able to be found…i’m currently running a diagnostics test or something

it’s a dell insprion 1440 laptop 

(im using my sisters laptop to post this)

please anyone know what i have to do???

also can it be fixed??

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  1. kelley-freaking-hieder said: it will give you a message on the black and white screen and please actually read it
  2. kelley-freaking-hieder answered: okay you should probably turn it off and wait ten minutes then start it
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  4. dauntless-lights answered: More than likely, thats where your hard drive is located according to the schematics for that model. I hope I’m wrong though!